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Brandon Contreras and his writing partner Matthew Curiano, are the creators of The Homo Sapien Experience, a Queer sketch comedy platform that shares stories of the human experience with the emphasis on the "Homo."

Along with their fellow friends, artists and community, they create and produce content that uplifts and celebrates the LGBTQIA+ experience, encouraging its authentic visibility around the world. With almost 1 million followers across their social media and streaming platforms, The Homo Sapien Experience hopes to reach the world through hilarity, positivity and community.

The Homo Sapien Experience has written content for LOGO TV (one of their first non-drag videos to reach 2.5 Million views), exclusive commercial work for the new app, MUSL and have had published work in the international,
Glue Magazine. They have also been featured on Queerty as "What to Watch" this upcoming year.




Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd. a multinational technology company and their Director of Brand and Digital Communications tapped Brandon to become a co-writer, talent and creative consultant for their latest launch of a new series, HUAWEI MYTH BUSTERS.

The series will interview global experts in fields from agriculture to oil, education administers to technological specialists to find fact, fiction and humor in the endless possibilities with the expansion of technology through Huawei.

Website (2).png

Brandon Contreras was tapped as the head writer and associate producer for The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Inaugural UNIR Production. A contemporary display of art through modern technology and dance that unified and showcased dancers in Miami, Florida.

UNIR featured guest performers from around the globe including Dreamchasers Cayman, Insieme Performance Kiel, The University of Miami Cheerleaders, Spirit Academy Trinidad & Tobago and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders alongside the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

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