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As an actor, my favorite thing to do is to be able to build a bridge between heartbreak and comedy. I want to challenge the idea that vulnerability, both on-stage & on-camera,  should be reserved for specific types of actors.  I want to create a pathway to inspire those who look like me to find and follow their voice and strengths.  Mine are rooted in compassion, hilarity, bravery and boldness, all of which I hope you find throughout this website. 

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Brandon is currently featured opposite Jared Leto in the new Apple TV+ Limited series, WeCrashed.


Brandon will be originating the role of “Silent Ed” in the highly anticipated new musical Almost Famous coming to Broadway this fall!

Brandon was featured in the New York Times for their performance in Tina Landau's
Concert Series "The Big Mix" 
at NYC's Little Island alongside with Jose Llana & Idina Menzel.

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